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Bulkheads & Braces Full Kit (7075 T-6)

Great Assembly R/C produces T/E Maxx bulkheads in both 6061 T-6 and 7075 T-6 hardnesses. Combined with our 6061 bulkhead braces, these puppies are near bulletproof. We designed these bulks/braces with the basher in mind. The 6061's will hold up to most abuse, but for those extreme maxxers we have also produced them in 7075 (2x the strength). All bulk kits are sold with black oxide fastners. 7075 bulks are recognizable by the GA logo engraved on each side. The front bulk brace design incorporates a (3rd-hole) support with an added bolt point below the bumper mounts. The rear bulk brace design includes a lower strap to go over the rear toe link mounts. This provides additional support for the toe link bolts and rear bulkheads. Our skid mounts also allow the use of longer 10mm screws. We have also added holes to allow easy access to lower shock tower screws.
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